Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Comfort" even on Hot Days!


But that does not stop missionary work!! Sister Rugg and I had to be fair-skinned... But NO MATTER!! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!!! That is all that matters. This past Tuesday we had an AMAZING Zone Conference and Elder Evans from the seventy was there to speak to us. WHAT AN INSPIRED MAN... I have been so edified by the spirit that it has changed my whole outlook on missionary work. He was able to talk to us about repentance (wanting to change for the best) and for finding people. Repentance is something viewed as a negative principle. BUT IT ISN'T!! It's the most amazing and beautiful thing we have today, all thanks to our wonder Savior Jesus Christ. When you want to change, REPENT. It's that easy. Okay... It's a little bit hard... You need to really look at yourself (on the inside) and ask yourself: “What can I do better to be closer to my Savior?" If you have any questions about this, I would recommend going to the closest missionaries you have in your area! Whether you be a member or not, GO TALK TO THEM! They were sent for you to learn and grow. :)

Sorry for that random tangent. I am just all energetic when it comes to this! OH!! Here's a really cool experience:  Sister Rugg and I on a 100 degree day, we got into NO HOMES. We were hot and sweaty and had not much water. (Note: DRINK WATER.) Anyway, we were very discouraged and we decided to pray and ask for some help. We were getting really depressed and as girls do...get over dramatic. haha. Well, we had a dinner appointment that night with Sister Rugg's recent converts, the Swann family! By the way, that was the first house we had gotten into all day. They are the best. So we had dinner and gave a message about Temples and challenged them to pick a day to go to the temple and GO! They loved the message (THANK YOU SPIRIT) SO MUCH! Sister Swan then asked: "Hey, my daughter has a lot of clothes and bed comforters upstairs she doesn't want... would you like to look at them?" Sister Rugg and I got so excited! We both brought comforters home. So, to make this experience spiritual, there is a scripture in Alma 26:27 when the sons of Mosiah were having a hard mission, their experience says: "Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold the Lord comforted them..." WE WERE DEPRESSED AND WERE "COMFORTED" WITH COMFORTERS!!! GOD IS REAL. Amen. 

Elder Evans challenged us to get referrals with everyone we talk to. So Sister Rugg and I really took that to heart. So at the end of the day, we were doing our goals/key indicators for tomorrow. There is a spot for referrals received and contacted. Sister Rugg got a huge grin and shouted: "We will get 7 referrals tomorrow!!" I laughed and thought she was joking... She wasn't. I then said: “Sister that is impossible... LET'S DO 8!!!”  ;) But we decided to put 7. We had planned to see many people that day, but our recent convert Valerie was having a hard day. Like what is says in Mosiah 18: "Comfort those that stand in need of comfort"... So we helped her clean her house, helped her with lunch, read scriptures and sang hymns. That really lifted her spirits. She was telling us about her family and all of the sudden I got an impression to ask her: "Sister Reed, would you want us to send the missionaries to your family's houses?" And she got a huge smile and said: "Yeah, I think that would really help!" She got her address book out... She said her sister, then her other sister, then her friend, then her friend’s daughter... Until me and Sister Rugg were beaming to get the last referral... 8. We got 8 from just her. GOD IS REALLY THERE!!! If you have faith and believe He can help you, HE WILL HELP YOU. You just got to ask. 

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week! I am praying for all of you always. God loves you. He knows your name, He even knows you by your nickname. Remember that He wants to hear you and help you, so get on your knees and pray. He will help you. 

Love, Sister Guilott

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