Monday, September 18, 2017


I can't believe that I don't have many blog posts to post. I want to congratulate those who have been going through this adventure with me and reading these blog posts. But I can't believe how fast time is going. I can look back at LAST year and think about all the things I was going through and all the things I was doing! I am excited to finish strong.  I know that the work I am doing is VERY important; it is the most important work you can do on the earth: The Lord's work. I know it can get difficult (all missionaries and return missionaries can agree) but I know as you keep trying and have faith... things will work out. I found this quote and I thought it was perfect: 
You do have more faith than you think!! You keep on trying! AND DON"T GIVE UP! Here are some experiences I have had this week! :D 

Once upon a time, me and my companion where having a rough morning trying to contact people. We have been asked by the mission to go out from 10 am to 12 pm every day and got knock on doors and talk to people! SO WE DO THAT.   And one day this week,  no one was opening their doors. Or wanting to talk to us. ugh. Anyway. We decided to say a prayer and asking the Lord to direct us on what He wants us to go. NO JOKE. Right then we got a phone call from our old bishop, from the old ward we are serving in that got dissolved, and he said he needed help. His wife just was at the store and saw a sweet woman in the area that she knew happened to be a member but who hasn't gone to church in a long time! The Bishop told us he was trying to find the records of this woman for years, and that he had just found the address. He asked us if we could please go stop by when we could.... HOLY COW. WE ENDED THE CALL, AND WENT STRAIGHT TO THE ADDRESS. We got there and we knocked on the door. An adorable woman opened the door, she was in a rush, but she told us to come in! We started talking to her: she has had a rough life and is wanting to find peace in her life. We were able to bring up eternal families and the spirit was so strong. By the end of the discussion, she was in tears (including us) and telling us that "God sent you to me today, I needed this." We gave her a Book of Mormon to read, and we will follow up the next time we see her. We left the appointment with the confirmation that THE LORD DID DIRECT US TO HER. I am so grateful for the work, and how the Lord directs His missionaries. I love my mission. I know that this mission will just be the beginning of me being a missionary for the rest of my life. I love you all! 

Hope you have a wonderful day! 

Sister Guilott ;) 

Monday, September 11, 2017

September 11, 2017

We went to a ward "Super Saturday"
Today is a day to remember. I would like to first have a few thoughts on this historical day of 9/11. Even though many scary things happen in this work, I am so grateful to know that God's love surrounds us everywhere. And even though life seems unfair, things are made right through Jesus Christ's Atonement. He feels everything that is being felt, and all we need to do is trust Him and allow Him to come into our lives.

We got our transfer calls yesterday, and for my final transfer I will be staying in the wonderful city of Oakdale with my companion Sister Rose. :) I am very excited for this transfer and what it has in store. This ward is amazing and I would love to live here!! It is cool to see how everywhere around the world, especially in Oakdale, members from the church are creating their own "zion" and helping the people around them hear of the gospel, inviting them to church and serving constantly. It just shows the church is a church of love and service. 

OKAY!! I have a CRAZY STORY... (don't worry mom, I am okay.) ;) haha! I bet she doesn't like it when I start like that... Anyway! My companion and I got a list of people to go visit in what we call "the country." To give you a visual, think dirt roads that lead you to houses that are acres apart with many horses and cows and creatures that Sister Guilott isn't too fond of... But we got to this one house. It was a old house with vines all over it and looked like a haunted house. But a sign said the last name of the person we were trying to find lived there. So we started to walk forward and we saw how there were no steps leading to the front door. My companion was just saying how are we going to get to the front door when all of the sudden we heard a dog bark. The gate right next to the house was open, and there was a lock in the gate where it looked like it was suppose to be locked... BUT IT WASN'T. In the opening of the gate, we saw this BIG dog come running toward us. My heart dropped. We then heard two or three more dogs behind it. We turn around and I am about to make a run for it, when I heard my companion shout: "WALK." Thankfully, I listened to her. We walked calmly back to the car, which was not very close. We didn't look back, we just kept going. We kept hearing the barking getting closer and closer. We finally got into the car, and as we were driving away we saw the three big dogs chasing us who started to run after the car.  As Sister Rose and I were driving from the house, we looked at each other, dumbfounded that we didn't get attacked by those dogs. IT was SO SCARY. The Lord really does protect His missionaries.  We had a couple days ago discussed the topic of "what happens if you get chased by a dog"  and we had talked about it together and I KNOW the Lord was preparing us now looking back.

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is something good that came out of that:  After Sister Rose and I recovered from the shock of our almost dog attack for a couple of minutes, we remembered that there was a couple that lived by the area and we decided we should try them. So we put in the GPS of where they were, the GPS said that we had "arrived at destination." We looked over to the right of where we were and we had already arrived!! We got out, knocked on the door, and this adorable older man in his 90's came to the door and let us in. We had a wonderful discussion with him and his wife. I do believe that the Lord had directed us to them. It was amazing. 

I am so grateful for this gospel. I know that it is true. I am so grateful to have a living prophet on this earth, who we get to hear from soon! :) I am so excited! I know that God lives and loves us. I love my mission sooooo much. I love you all, and hope you have a great day! STAY AWAY FROM DOGs. ;)

Sister Guilott

Monday, September 4, 2017

9/4/17 Labor Day

Did you know that Oakdale is right now the center point of surrounding fires? Thankfully, there are NO fires here... But we get stuck with all the smoke and it is very humid here lately... It doesn't help that we are having a 100 degree every day heat streak...I guess you could say I now understand what it means to be in the "refiner's fire."

I love this area so much. We had a lot of crazy things happen here! So this week, the two wards me and my companion are serving in got dissolved and became another ward. We now understand why we were serving in both wards.  It was stressful, as it caused a bit of chaos, but it was good.

We got to see our Stake President, I love him. He is such kind man and has the spirit with him AT ALL TIMES! It was fun to see him again, I consider him a friend!  Well, the ward we were in during the morning was the one that got dissolved, and SO MANY people were crying and hugging and making it a huge deal.  It didn't help our investigators who were at church.  They were confused. But I felt the spirit confirm to me something to tell them and was able to explain to them: "We get really connected with others in our ward, and we literally are all brothers and sisters of God and it is hard to separate from others that we were close with; Like being on a mission, you don't get to see your family. I miss my family very much, but I know that I will always be with them! It is the same here!" :) They liked that answer. 

All of the investigators we are teaching (and I am so grateful that God has allowed us to teach such precious souls) are progressing! It is so fun to teach, because I can just feel the spirit teach through me! I LOVE IT!! :D I would love to share a really neat experience though from this past week... It actually just happened yesterday! 

One recent convert in our ward said that he has a little brother that wanted to go to church with him because this brother has seen his brother change drastically the past months and he wanted to know how he was able to to change.  The recent convert told his little brother it was because of the church he has been going, so for the little brother has been going to church the past two weeks and LOVES IT. We were finally able to ask him if he would like to take lessons from the missionaries to learn more about the church. He accepted. So yesterday, we finally were able to teach him! We asked him about his beliefs, his family, and then we got to his age.  He said he was 14.  We were thinking, JOSEPH SMITH. WE ARE TEACHING A BOY WHO IS JUST LIKE HIM. This boy has studied to Bible everyday of his life. He loves God and wants to become closer to Him. He knows that there are many churches on the earth and wants to know if there is ONE CHURCH FOR EVERYONE.  He is so prepared. We were able to teach him the Restoration, and we got to the part about Joseph Smith. His eyes were fixed on us, and you could tell he was feeling the spirit. My companion was able to share the first vision. And after the first vision, his words were: " That makes sense!" He accepted to meet with us the next week and is now reading The Book of Mormon with his recent convert brother! IT IS AMAZING!!! :D :D I am sooooo grateful for that amazing opportunity to teach him, it was like he was teaching us and the SPIRIT was teaching him. I love my mission SO MUCH!! :D I know that this gospel is true and this is God's true church on the earth. I know that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. And I know that God loves all of you! 

I hope you all have a great Labor day!

Sister Guilott

Some fun pictures of a fun day out exploring with our district.

Monday, August 28, 2017

August 28, 2017

We go to service projects each week and wear these shirts!

When will it EVER cool down here? It is still so so hot!  We had a fun a activity today so this will have to be short.

Anyway... I honestly wish I could just send my journal home so you can all read it. We are witnessing so many miracles, and I am just so grateful for how gracious the Lord has been to us here. So many different wonderful people we get to meet.
Exchanges with the Hermanas!
We had one really awesome experience in the wards here! We were asked by the neighboring ward (who have elders, not sisters) to come and talk to the young women about missions! I have NEVER done anything like that on my mission yet, so I was really nervous about it actually. But we got there, and I now know how Young Women Leaders feel... I immediately felt SO much love for these sweet girls! The elders were there first, and they were sharing all these cool experiences. Then they left, it was our turn. We got up and started to talk, and we started to just get to know the girls there. They were all quiet at first, but after we were there, we were all having a great time and they would ask us funny questions! One of my favorites was "what was the worst dinner/food you have eaten?" ;) HAHA! I have to say though... We had asked the girls to raise their hands to see if they wanted to serve. Only like three girls raised them! I was kind of shocked, but I then thought if that was me a couple years ago, I would not have raised my hand. But all I have to say is that my mission has completely changed me. I love my mission so much, even in the trials and the hard times. But that night with the Young Women made me appreciate my mission and how I am so honored to be a tool in the hands of the Lord. This is HIS work, and I am just trying the hardest I can be there for Him. 

Well... I love you all! If you ever have free time... I am always up for letters! ;) I would write you back! :D haha! 

Have a wonderful day! 

Love, Sister Guilott 
Planning Meeting

Saturday, August 26, 2017


HOLY COW!! THERE IS AN ECLIPSE TODAY!!! Everyone is outside and freaking out about it... It's SO FUNNY! People are wearing welding masks, these crazy glasses, and having their phones RIGHT ON THEIR FACES. It reminded me of when "Pokemon GO" got popular last year. Everyone is outside and going crazy!!  But we got a text from our District Leaders saying that all missionaries are not to look at the sun.  SO. I am now inside writing a weekly email. ;)

This week was a slower week (teaching wise) but we still found miracles!!  We have been meeting with a wonderful couple the Ren's this week. Back ground story: me and one of my companions a couple months ago met Bro. Ren and we didn't know he was a member at first! He was so kind and he said that his wife was Mormon.  Bro. Ren has not been to church since he was 11. And he has had his children go on missions! But he has had one question about the Book of Mormon that no missionary would ever go over with him. He said that he has had missionaries for the past 30 years come over and try to share messages. But he always wanted to know the timeline of the Book of Mormon. Okay! Back to NOW. Me and my companion met with them again, and we had a awesome member print us out a timeline of the Book of Mormon and we went over to Bro. Ren and taught him! The spirit was so strong and he had MANY questions. My companion is AMAZING and she is a Book of Mormon scriptorian and knew all the answers!! Brother and Sister Ren thanked us! Brother Ren said we were the first missionaries to ever answer his questions that he has been having for years! He said that he will start reading it and wanted us to come back. The couple even invited us back for dinner! BOY OH BOY!! I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THE SPIRIT THAT TAUGHT THEM SO MUCH!! :D 

I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and for all the answers we gain from reading it. I know that it is THE witness of Jesus Christ. I know that if one reads this book, they will come to know their Savior, they will feel of the comforting power of the Holy Ghost, and just as a past prophet Ezra Taft Benson has said: 'The Book of Mormon will change your life." I know that is true. It has changed my life, and I know it will change yours.

I love you all so much!! Thank you for all your prayers and the support you give to the missionaries out in the field. I know that I have felt your love and prayers, and I am so grateful for all of you! I hope you have a great day!! 

Sister Guilott
Meet Dizzy the bird... it loved our heads. It freaked me out actually. haha! 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Phone Calls and Ice Cream

Sister Rose and I: She is so awesome!

We had some incredible miracles this week I want to share with you.  First of all, last Tuesday, my companion and I were doing our planning for the day when we get a call from a caller that showed up as unknown. We were hesitant at first to answer, but we answered anyway. It was a man calling from a city near by (Ripon) and he said that he has a son who had not gone to church for a while, but had remarried a woman with two young daughters. The mom and daughters had heard about the church and were interested in going. They had attended a meeting and loved it! They had even said that they would want to be members! While listening to this phone call... we were DYING. We were so excited to hear about this young mom interested in the church. We got info about her, and we went to her house. We invited an awesome member who lives close by along with her daughter to go with us and we all went over. We were able to teach, and the spirit was so strong and there was such an amazing feeling of love we all had for this lady and her daughters. She committed to come to church and is so excited to learn more! I can't express how much gratitude I have for my Savior and for this miracle we were given. I love being a missionary and for having this call to serve. I know that it is all the Lord and His work. I am humbled to be a part of it.

Another quick funny miracle: We were biking and it was a very slow and very hot day. We were biking and I told my companion: I am stressed. Let's say a prayer! So we did... and immediately, NO JOKE... Our ice cream truck friend came driving by at that moment and he remembered us and gave us free ice cream. He even listened to us and accepted a pamphlet and told us he would read it. MIRACLES!! I was joking afterwards, when I am stressed, we get desserts ;) haha! The Lord knows me, and I am so glad He does. It was just what I needed to lift my spirits and continue on that day.

I love you all! Thanks for reading this email! Hope it brought your spirits up! 

Love, Sister Guilott 

Sister Rose with a package! 

After a long hot day working!

A baby frog!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Happy August!

Hello world!

It is Sister Guilott, and yes, I am STILL ALIVE: In spite of a  HEATWAVE for the past like... 6 weeks? BUT ALL IS WELL.

This week has been wonderful! I got my new companion... She is Sister Rose (it is very fitting name for her) and she is from UTAH!!! :D :D HOORAY! ANOTHER UTAH FRIEND!! She is amazing, I love her so much. She is new to the mission field, straight from the MTC, but it seems like she has already been serving for months. I am not training her, it is more like "immersing her in the work." This week I have to admit was pretty crazy and stressful. We now cover two of the biggest wards in the area. But... WE GET A CAR... BLESSINGS. We still bike as much as possible, but we are going everywhere in our area, because the Lord has blessed us with SO MUCH WORK!! 

So something really cool happened. Sister Rose and I were made companions Tuesday. The Elders from the other ward gave us their area book and their car. We looked inside the area book, and it said we have an appointment with a woman with her two daughters (all investigators) at 7 p.m. WHAT?!?!?! MIRACLES!! She we went over and she saw us. She let us in. They were holding Book of Mormons and they said they were reading it. We didn't know what to teach. And this was Sister Rose's first time... BUT SHE WAS SO INSPIRED and did so well. We talked to them about how Christ can help them in their lives. And how they can be comforted in knowing that He knows exactly that they going through. We read with them from the Book of Mormon of how He can help us. The whole room was in tears. The spirit was so strong and they invited us to come back again!! We felt so excited about them! We love them so much, and they said, "it was God that sent sister missionaries" to our area. I am so grateful for the work we are doing. Even though it is stressful going everywhere, it is all worth it. 

I was reading today in the Book of Mormon in Alma chapter 38 verse 10 that said: "And now, as ye have begun to teach the word even so I would that ye should continue to teach; and I would that ye would be diligent and temperate in all things." I am forever going to teach and be an example to others. You can find so many blessings in our lives as you follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ. I love my mission so much. I love you all! Thanks for reading this blog and supporting me, I know it can be really random with my ramblings! But I can promise you that you will be blessed by reading missionary's blogs. ;) 


Sister Guilott 

Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017


HOLY COW. I am trying not to think of it... but my three month countdown begins tomorrow!! AH! I hate how time flies too quickly. I am so grateful to be a missionary. Last night, I received the CRAZIEST transfer call of my life... My president called me and said that he felt prompted for me to go to Fresno mission, and told me to pack my bags and I am going tomorrow...

.... just kidding. haha. Did I get you?? I hope so. 

We actually did have transfer calls last night.  And my sweet companion is leaving me to go to my FIRST area/ward, in Modesto!! :D I am soooo excited for her and for the crazy experiences she will be able to have! ;) OKAY. Since I love acting, I created a script from the call we got last night so you can see what it was like:


Sister Alderson: Hello! 
Assistants: Hello! You ready for transfer calls?! 
Sister Alderson and Guilott: PLEASE!!! 
Assistants: OKAY! Sister Alderson you will be going to Modesto! 
Sister Alderson: GREAT!!
Sister Guilott: THAT WAS MY FIRST AREA!! 
Sister Alderson and Guilott: *cue girly screams and giggles*
Assistants: ... yep. OKAY! NEXT!! 
Sister Guilott: what is happening to me?
Assistants: you will be training a new missionary. 
Sister Guilott: ... sweet! Okay, what time is.... (interrupted) 
Assistants: Wait! ... and you will be covering the 2nd ward and 3rd ward as well.... 
Sister Guilott: ......
Sister Guilott: .................................................
Assistants: hello?
Sister Guilott: Sorry.... I thought I was having a minor heart attack.
Assistants: Yeah... But we know the Lord will help you. Yeah, this is the craziest assignment we have ever given!  
Sister Guilott: ... Oh... that's cool... 
Assistants: Yeah... Good luck! Good Bye! 

YEP. The Lord really must have A LOT of faith in me in covering the two biggest areas in Oakdale! :D :D :D WHAT?!?!?! Okay. I really feel like Nephi in 1 Nephi 4:6-7, I invite you to go and read that. ;) haha.

BUT!! We are seeing so many miracles in the area, it is crazy. I love this area so much and for the wonderful experiences we are seeing daily! :) 

Here's an experience this week that proves that we are called by the Lord.
My companion and I were biking in the heat (what's new?) and we were biking one way to go try another person who seemed interested in learning about the gospel. And then I felt the prompting to go another way... Which was obviously a prompting since the street turns into a HUGE hill that we usually have to walk up, since its too hard to bike up. I told my companion what I felt, and we went that way. We were biking down the street, and I felt the prompting so strong to keep going. We saw the hill and I told my companion not to get off, but to keep biking. She looked at me all confused, but my companion has SO MUCH faith and we kept going. Without having to get off our bikes or shift our gears, WE WENT UP THE HILL. And to our surprise, we were not panting or dying... we felt the spirit so strong, we knew that God needed us to go somewhere quick and He gave us power! I was freaking out inside, because that was seriously a miracle. But we went to this street and saw a sweet Hispanic man (who we later found out was named Sergio), it was like he was glowing. He was doing yard work for a house and we felt like he was the one we needed to talk to. With the little Spanish I know (Thank you past missionaries who gave me things to say!!), he said he wanted to learn more about the church! But right then... the house owner came out, the one he was working for... She looked very concerned. My companion and I got a little nervous. Sergio went back to work, And then we went over and started to talk to the woman. I felt like Ammon, because I started to talk to her and give her compliments. She  LOVE talking with us and she thought we were the sweetest women ever, and she asked us if we needed water. MY SMART companion said YES! The owner went back inside to get us water, and Sergio quickly came back to talk to us again.We quickly asked for his information and we was SUPER EXCITED. Well, the Spanish-speaking missionaries are now teaching him and we are just SO grateful we followed the prompting to go up that HUGE hill. :) :) COOLEST EXPERIENCE EVER!! 

The computers we are on today only have a certain amount of time (we are at the public library since the computers at the church are down).  AND MY TIME IS ALMOST UP.  THANK YOU FOR READING THESE EMAILS. Thank you for the prayers on behalf of missionaries.  I know that this is the Lord's work. I know it and I LOVE IT.



Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pioneer Day - July 24th


Okay, no one celebrates it here in California.  I woke up all excited that it was Pioneer Day today, and my companion is very confused. I just LOVE my pioneer heritage. As I was biking around here in my area, I started thinking: "... it is really hot today. I am biking in 100 degree weather... in a dress..." THEN I think: "Well. Look what the pioneers had to do!!"  I have a new appreciation for them all, those women walking across the plains in a dress, in the heat... I am so grateful for them,  and they help humble me and help me be more optimistic. Speaking of pioneers, I was able to read a book on the mission called My Heritage and I would recommend all of you to read it. It makes you see the hardships yet the reward the pioneers went through. I love it so much. 

So this week... MIRACLES UPON MIRACLES. I really wish I could strap a camera on my helmet (I would look weird... but what is new...we already look weird I am sure) and have you all see the things I am able to witness DAILY. There are so many little things that the Lord has blessed me to see or to have. Whether it be a cool breeze to bring you to the 90's degrees, or when He sends so many kind people across our path, even though many people have their own churches. I love asking how Christ has been able to influence them in their lives.... or ask for experiences. Even though we all practice differently, God's love and His Son is all the same. I love it. 

This week, we went on exchanges with the hermanas! I love the chance to serve in Spanish, even though I understand little. There is such a sweet spirit these sweet Hispanic people have in my areas. I LOVE IT. Well, cool experience from that: We had been given a referral to go visit a Spanish family, and I have been trying SO hard to practice my Spanish contacting skills. So on our exchange and taught a man named Angel. He is AMAZING. He loved everything that was being said. And he said that he would be going to church this next week and wanted to invite all of his friends to listen to the hermanas... MIRACLES! Even when you are not in your area, you can still have miracles and help the missionaries out in their areas. :) 

But another really cool experience... My companion and I had NO plans last Saturday night... They had all fallen through... We said a prayer asking the Lord to direct us to someone who would be interested. My companion had a feeling to go to a certain street. We went, and we started to knock on doors. We then saw these two men and a woman talking in their garage. I always get a bit nervous when we approach someone for the first time, but I thought of my favorite scripture in 2 Timothy 1:7, and I got the courage to talk to them. They looked to us, and looking confused as we started to talk to them. But we started to have a conversation with them anyway. We asked them if we could share more, and they were very interested and said yes! We had a great discussion with them, and we were able to share about the Restoration. There was this one man, Isaac, and he was so into it. We started to ask about what if there could be one church for everyone. He got ALL excited, saying that he has had that question so much! So we shared about Joseph Smith, and his eyes were suck on us. My companion was very cute, she turned to me and asked me to share the first vision. I looked to Isaac, and I started to share the Joseph Smith story right there. I felt the spirit SO strong, I knew that Isaac was feeling the same thing. He started to get emotional. He then after said, "this is true! This has got to be true. I feel it." WE WERE SO EXCITED! Sadly, Isaac is from a city close by, BUT those missionaries who got that referral will be very happy. :) We are teaching the other man who was there as well. The Lord has prepared so many hearts of the people around us. ALL WE NEED TO DO IS OPEN OUR MOUTHS AND PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL! 

I love my mission. I love it so much. I am so grateful for it. I hope you all have a wonderful week :) STAY COOL!

Sister Emily Guilott

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 17th

Hello world!

It has been a joyous week here on the mission. I have to admit though, oppositions were pretty strong. But I know that we are stronger than the adversary, and we were able to overcome the challenges! HA! Beat that adversary.  

We started off teaching our investigator everyday this week: he was receiving all the lessons and it was great! So many people were kind enough to come out teaching with us, which helped our investigator feel so welcomed and loved. Members make the WHOLE difference!  You should go out teaching with missionaries. It will help out so much! And we saw miracles and by the end of this week.... HE WAS BAPTIZED!! :D 

It was amazing. I am so grateful that the Lord was able to place me here, I know that it was by the spirit that our investigator was able to learn and grow. Our investigator, Kelvin, is amazing. He is so happy to be a part of the church. He was able to receive the Holy Ghost AND the Aaronic Priesthood!!! Our bishop is so kind, and he invited us (me and my companion) to be there when he received the Aaronic priesthood. It was the first time i witnessed someone being set apart of something like that, AND IT WAS AMAZING!! The spirit was so strong, it just furthered my testimony to know that the Priesthood is the power of God today on the earth. It is a huge blessing from God, and Kelvin says he is so happy to "be a part of the Brotherhood now." ;) 

I also want to share an incredible experience we had this past week.  My companion and I returned to see a less active man that had told us to come back to see him and and he had invited us to come read scriptures together! He is a doll, and looks like Santa Claus... SO EVEN BETTER RIGHT?! ;)
Well, we came back and we found out his son just moved in with him. So his son joined our conversation.  His son is very knowledgeable about the gospel, which made it kind of hard to talk to him.  This made it hard for his father to follow along with our conversation.  The son was at first telling us all these hard and deep doctrines. We tried to keep the spirit there and tried our best to share a message. The son then asked us a question, I forget exactly what. But he was asking about mercy and justice and what would happen if there was no justice. He was asking for a specific scripture.  His attitude got me flustered but I then felt prompted to pray for the spirit to help so I did and .... NO JOKE, I heard this voice/feeling inside say at that moment: "No God." So I shared that answer with the son. He got big eyed and starred at me.  Then the spirit then told me a scripture: "2 Nephi 2" I looked it up, and shared this scripture that says if there was no opposition, then God would cease to exist. The son got quiet.... said he was very impressed and I was able to bear testimony that the spirit was able to share these things with him. Even though I have all these tabs in my scriptures, it is hard to always remember and pull out the right one.  It was an amazing experience for me and I was so full of gratitude that I was worthy enough to be an instrument in the hands of God at that time and place. I was humbled that God trusted me enough to give me those answers exactly when I needed them to have the spirit be with this family, and that I was not confounded. I am so grateful for these experiences!! :D :D I love my mission and I am so  grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. He lives, I know He does. I love Him so much. 

I hope you all have a great week! :D 

Love, SIster Guilott

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 10th

This week has been a week of miracles. We had  Zone Conference this past week and I learned so much! I am so grateful for leaders I get to serve with here on my mission. I learned a lot about companionship unity. My companion and I have been putting a lot of things into action, and I feel like not only our unity is getting stronger, but the area is improving!! I would invite you to read Alma 13:3-9, and insert "ordained" with "set apart as missionaries" and see how is can apply to everyone! Because we can all be missionaries in helping others come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. :) 

Well, we had a great week teaching our new investigators! Great news: we have this sweet woman who wants to be baptized but she is engaged to be married in October.  We felt prompted to tell her that she can be married civilly sooner so she can be baptized sooner and pretty much have the big wedding celebration in October. She got VERY excited and told us she would talk to her fiance ;) SUPER EXCITED! She loved coming to church and already seems like a member. She even got longer sleeves on her wedding dress to make it appropriate for her sealing ;) CRAZY AWESOME!! :D :D 

Then we have been teaching our investigator Kelvin and he is super excited to be baptized!! We had the most amazing lesson yesterday! We had a recent convert come to help teach, along with a sweet girl we know in the ward. We all read Alma 36 together, and our recent convert used  to struggle with some issues in the past. So he was able to relate so well, and shared the best insights to our investigator. He even invited our investigator to come over to his house for a barbecue and was so kind to him. I am so grateful for members reaching out like that: that is the pure love of Christ. And I hope to have charity like that one day. :) Our investigator was able to go to a baptism from our ward this past week, and it was so sweet. He even started to sing "I am a child of God" and he got emotional, which made all of us emotional and we all felt the spirit so strong. 

I am just so grateful for my mission. I love it so much, even when biking in 110 degree weather and no one lets you in... The Lord helps me daily and it is so hard for me to count all the tender mercies I have seen!! I love my Savior, I would do anything for Him. I know that He lives and died for us and that makes me feel so at peace to know that I can rely on Him and repent to become more like Him. I love this area and my companion.  The work is hastening and I am just so grateful. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week and thank you for reading another long missionary email. ;) Thank you for all your support and your love. Have a blessed week!

Sister Guilott 

Pictures... SO we have now caught three lizards! (DAD YOU WOULD BE SO PROUD.) We even found one in our apartment... got to love that. 

Picture at the top of the page:  We have been trying this new "apple cider vinegar" thing... It is supposed to help with allergies  and keep you healthy. I have been dying because it is so gross but I actually do feel a lot better and I haven't been sick or had bad allergies lately :) HOORAY!  

Monday, July 3, 2017

July 3, 2017

Good morning!! Wow....this was a great week. It was full of miracles!

First of all... I love my companion. She is amazing, and she is seriously the best missionary ever. We had a lot of fun this week teaching people, talking to people on the street, and teaching and committing our investigator from last week to baptism! She got to do the invitation, and she was so excited! It was great to see. ;)

My companion and I have have been working hard on "opening our mouths" and talking to people. I am usually the one to start conversations. But I want to brag about my awesome companion.  As we were biking down a hill, we saw a man getting out of his car. I had a prompting to ask my companion to start the conversation! I asked her, and assured her that I will always be there if she freaks out or gets to nervous and I can help her out. So we went over... and she started to talk to him, making the first contact, etc. It was a great conversation, and he even brought up his grandpa who had passed away who he loved, and he wanted to know where we thought he was... My companion had the spirit so strong, and she shared with him the Plan of Salvation. She was able to make a return appointment with him. AND BOY... AFTER THAT, SHE WAS GLOWING. I was so excited for her. I feel like after that, she had "missionary fever" ALL NIGHT. We would see people, and she would start talking to them! IT WAS AMAZING!! But... I have to admit, she did throw me under the bus when it came to people who spoke Spanish and I had to do the speaking, which is funny because I only know a little but I have learned to share a basic message in Spanish and I try to communicate, but were were able to get many referrals that day for the Spanish missionaries as well in our area. And we gained 7 potential investigators after that! So all in all, it was some successful "opening our mouths" this week.

I am so grateful to be on my mission! It makes me so happy and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! I love you all and hope you have a great day!! 

By the way... picture of the buggy...
The members gave it to us to we could travel places, like if we needed to go to laundry and get groceries because we do not have a car... I love the members here :) 
My darling companion.  She is awesome!

Love to you all and have a happy 4th of July!  I love our country and am grateful for the opportunities it provided for the restoration of the gospel.  Have a great week!


Sister Guilott

Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26th

A picture of sweaty/hot and loving life missionaries :)
There is something when a new missionary comes into the area, and you are a trainer... Miracles occur... I CAN BEAR MY TESTIMONY THAT IS TRUE. I want to share with you the most amazing week. And there are so many things, I will be doing the "bullet points" to keep things organized and to make sure I don't miss anything!

* I have my new companion! Her name is Sister Alderson, She is darling and she is already such an awesome missionary. I feel like it isn't training at all, just immersing her to the work. She is amazing.
*Too many miracles to share... But our first day IT WAS HOT. My companion had the thought:"it would be nice to have some water..." THEN,  all of the sudden, a car turns around, stops, and asks us if we needed water. We said yes! We followed this good Samaritan to her house, she gave us 2 cold water bottles and a Popsicle. She also told us we can come back again and share our message... HOLY COW. Miracles.

*Then we had met with a Perspective Elder, and he lives at a trailer park. He said he doesn't have good water, and he was in poor health. So we told him we had an extra case of water bottles and we biked back to get them. As we were walking back to his home, I was carrying the 32 pack of water bottles, and my companion was carrying a lot of food. We had said a prayer to help strengthen us. AND SUDDENLY, a cute woman who speaks Spanish drove up. With her little English, she told us to get in and she would take up where we need to go. She had met missionaries before, and as she saw us she felt that "God tell her to pick us up." HOLY COW. We got to our members house, said gracias to our sweet lady. Our member then was able to get a priesthood blessing... it was amazing.

*After a member had cancelled on us and we were wondering what to do, Sister Alderson said there must be someone in that area who needs us. We biked and saw a cute girl outside. We tried talking to her but got the same old thing of "Sorry, I don't believe in that..." but then looked at us and asked "Do you need water??" We said YES. She went inside, she came back out and they usually give us water bottles. She came out with cups. AH HA! We could still talk to her!!! We talked to her about her family, then brought up religion. She was saying the things that we believed, she believed also!! At the end of the conversation, we had given her a Book of Mormon and we had a return appointment with her. IT WAS THE COOLEST STREET CONTACT OF MY LIFE.

*Another awesome moment is we were biking and we saw a woman who was watering her garden. She was not interested at first. But as we were about to bike away, my sweet companion stayed a moment longer. The woman started to cry, so my sweet companion got off her bike and gave her a hug. We then started to talk to her more. We have a return appointment with her. I learned a HUGE lesson from my companion, I need to listen with not only my ears. But my heart.

*THEN we had our return appointment with the girl who we street contacted, the one who gave us the water... THAT LESSON... was the best lesson ever. The spirit seriously taught the whole lesson and that we were able to discuss all the things that our sweet new investigator had questioned in life. She said that these things make her "feel whole" and she wanted this in her life. We were all crying and we are so happy to say that she wants to be baptized!! IT WAS A HUGE MIRACLE. 

* At church, our investigator was there; A less active girl and her non-member mom was there who we had befriended and that was a surprise. We had the Perspective Elder come to church for the first time in a couple of years.... BEST SUNDAY EVER.

I love this work. This is the Lord's work. And I love it. I am so grateful to have been able to see these faith building miracles. I love the Lord with all my heart; this gospel is true!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Guilott

Saying good bye to my sweet past companion, she is now home on her little island :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June 19

Hello world!  It was a CRAZY week!  But so many miracles!  First of all, it was my birthday week and we celebrated!

We have taught a lot of new people, and they are all interested! I am so grateful that the Lord is hastening the work here! 

I am actually sad.... I am going to be honest.... My sweet companion Sister Beteiti has completed her mission and is going home... She has been in this area for a while, and the whole ward is so sad to have her leave. She has been a HUGE blessing in my life... I love her sweet personality and her humble spirit. She has set a huge example to me. She came from a little island, not knowing English, came to America to serve and BOY... She has served with all of her heart. I will miss her so much, But I know that she has so much in store for her. I love her and I know that she will be a missionary for the rest of her life! 

Other news... Since she is leaving... I will be staying and training a new missionary. :) That makes me nervous. But, I know that God's plan is perfect and it will help me stretch and grow :) And I have been released from my assignment as a Sister Training Leader.  It was a honor to have served all the Sisters and it helped me grow so much. I am so grateful for God's plan for us, because He has the goal of helping us have "immortality and eternal life." 

I love you all and hope you have a great week! I hope you stay inside... because it is going to be HOT!!! :)

Sister Guilott

June 12


We got to go to Big Trees!
I am sorry I have to rush this blog post. Life has been very crazy, but the work has been hastening! We had a HUGE miracle happen this week that I would love to share with all of you!

This Sunday, we were sitting in Relief Society at church. We were talking about marriage and nurturing your spouse (EVERY missionary's favorite lesson... NOT) and a brother opened the door and told us to come with him... I was actually really scared. I was thinking, "did we do anything wrong this week? Was I was speeding in the mission vehicle..." We have been working really hard this week..." but he told us this:

"Sisters, there a young man that has been coming to church for a while now. He just told us he wants to talk the lessons, will you come with me to meet him and set up an appointment this week?" 
OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! We were SOOOOOO happy! We met him, and he is GREAT!! He has learned so much already, so teaching will be a breeze! He is already planning to serve a mission and EVERYTHING. God is so real. I was in awe. God's timing is NEVER your timing, I was just so surprised! I am so grateful for the work that is going on all around the world. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be here. I love my mission and I love my Savior Jesus Christ SO MUCH. He has changed my life, and I want Him to be with me for time and all eternity. 

I love you all! Hope you have a great week! Oh, it's my birthday this week. Not a big deal, I am too busy for my birthday. haha! ;) I have got work to do!!! See ya :)


June 5th

HELLO WORLD!! HOLY COW!! What a fun week!! 

Here are bullet points, because there is just too much!! 
  • We had two exchanges this week, one of the photos you will see was with one of the cute sisters I was with, WE WORE THE SAME DRESS!! AHAHA! People all day thought we were twins. :)
  • We went out to the "country area" of our ward and it was so much fun! We have so many fun members up there. We got to see our members horses, THEY WERE HUGE! They kind of scared me, but they are the sweetest animals you will ever meet. 
  • We had a really cool experience this past week! SO Sister Beteiti and I had ALL of our appointments fall through... it was 8 pm.... We honestly didn't want to go back out, but we prayed and decided to try to walk around and talk to people. GOD IS SO GOOD. He put so many people in our path. There was this one young family walking around. We started a conversation, and the grandma was a sweet Hispanic woman. I used my Spanish skills that I have, and SHE LOVED IT. The family had been trying to find a church to go to and they loved the sound of our church. At the end of the conversation, the dad said: "I feel like we were all meant to meet today for a reason." AND I KNEW GOD HAD ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS. I know now that when you try your best and be diligent, the Lord will help you. I am so grateful for that day; it truly did strengthen my testimony. 
  • I got to hold our sweet investigator's SNAKE. It was the first time Sister Beteiti held a snake! SHE WAS SO BRAVE. I am so proud of her ;) haha! 

  • There is this creepy purple house in our area I finally took a picture of it, and it is seriously the "Alice in Wonderland" house. NICOLE YOU WOULD LOVE IT! It even had a little tea party set up. It was funny trying to explain the story to my companion... she was creeped out. ;) haha! 

I love you all and hope you have a great day! 

Sister Guilott