Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017


HOLY COW. I am trying not to think of it... but my three month countdown begins tomorrow!! AH! I hate how time flies too quickly. I am so grateful to be a missionary. Last night, I received the CRAZIEST transfer call of my life... My president called me and said that he felt prompted for me to go to Fresno mission, and told me to pack my bags and I am going tomorrow...

.... just kidding. haha. Did I get you?? I hope so. 

We actually did have transfer calls last night.  And my sweet companion is leaving me to go to my FIRST area/ward, in Modesto!! :D I am soooo excited for her and for the crazy experiences she will be able to have! ;) OKAY. Since I love acting, I created a script from the call we got last night so you can see what it was like:


Sister Alderson: Hello! 
Assistants: Hello! You ready for transfer calls?! 
Sister Alderson and Guilott: PLEASE!!! 
Assistants: OKAY! Sister Alderson you will be going to Modesto! 
Sister Alderson: GREAT!!
Sister Guilott: THAT WAS MY FIRST AREA!! 
Sister Alderson and Guilott: *cue girly screams and giggles*
Assistants: ... yep. OKAY! NEXT!! 
Sister Guilott: what is happening to me?
Assistants: you will be training a new missionary. 
Sister Guilott: ... sweet! Okay, what time is.... (interrupted) 
Assistants: Wait! ... and you will be covering the 2nd ward and 3rd ward as well.... 
Sister Guilott: ......
Sister Guilott: .................................................
Assistants: hello?
Sister Guilott: Sorry.... I thought I was having a minor heart attack.
Assistants: Yeah... But we know the Lord will help you. Yeah, this is the craziest assignment we have ever given!  
Sister Guilott: ... Oh... that's cool... 
Assistants: Yeah... Good luck! Good Bye! 

YEP. The Lord really must have A LOT of faith in me in covering the two biggest areas in Oakdale! :D :D :D WHAT?!?!?! Okay. I really feel like Nephi in 1 Nephi 4:6-7, I invite you to go and read that. ;) haha.

BUT!! We are seeing so many miracles in the area, it is crazy. I love this area so much and for the wonderful experiences we are seeing daily! :) 

Here's an experience this week that proves that we are called by the Lord.
My companion and I were biking in the heat (what's new?) and we were biking one way to go try another person who seemed interested in learning about the gospel. And then I felt the prompting to go another way... Which was obviously a prompting since the street turns into a HUGE hill that we usually have to walk up, since its too hard to bike up. I told my companion what I felt, and we went that way. We were biking down the street, and I felt the prompting so strong to keep going. We saw the hill and I told my companion not to get off, but to keep biking. She looked at me all confused, but my companion has SO MUCH faith and we kept going. Without having to get off our bikes or shift our gears, WE WENT UP THE HILL. And to our surprise, we were not panting or dying... we felt the spirit so strong, we knew that God needed us to go somewhere quick and He gave us power! I was freaking out inside, because that was seriously a miracle. But we went to this street and saw a sweet Hispanic man (who we later found out was named Sergio), it was like he was glowing. He was doing yard work for a house and we felt like he was the one we needed to talk to. With the little Spanish I know (Thank you past missionaries who gave me things to say!!), he said he wanted to learn more about the church! But right then... the house owner came out, the one he was working for... She looked very concerned. My companion and I got a little nervous. Sergio went back to work, And then we went over and started to talk to the woman. I felt like Ammon, because I started to talk to her and give her compliments. She  LOVE talking with us and she thought we were the sweetest women ever, and she asked us if we needed water. MY SMART companion said YES! The owner went back inside to get us water, and Sergio quickly came back to talk to us again.We quickly asked for his information and we was SUPER EXCITED. Well, the Spanish-speaking missionaries are now teaching him and we are just SO grateful we followed the prompting to go up that HUGE hill. :) :) COOLEST EXPERIENCE EVER!! 

The computers we are on today only have a certain amount of time (we are at the public library since the computers at the church are down).  AND MY TIME IS ALMOST UP.  THANK YOU FOR READING THESE EMAILS. Thank you for the prayers on behalf of missionaries.  I know that this is the Lord's work. I know it and I LOVE IT.



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