Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pioneer Day - July 24th


Okay, no one celebrates it here in California.  I woke up all excited that it was Pioneer Day today, and my companion is very confused. I just LOVE my pioneer heritage. As I was biking around here in my area, I started thinking: "... it is really hot today. I am biking in 100 degree weather... in a dress..." THEN I think: "Well. Look what the pioneers had to do!!"  I have a new appreciation for them all, those women walking across the plains in a dress, in the heat... I am so grateful for them,  and they help humble me and help me be more optimistic. Speaking of pioneers, I was able to read a book on the mission called My Heritage and I would recommend all of you to read it. It makes you see the hardships yet the reward the pioneers went through. I love it so much. 

So this week... MIRACLES UPON MIRACLES. I really wish I could strap a camera on my helmet (I would look weird... but what is new...we already look weird I am sure) and have you all see the things I am able to witness DAILY. There are so many little things that the Lord has blessed me to see or to have. Whether it be a cool breeze to bring you to the 90's degrees, or when He sends so many kind people across our path, even though many people have their own churches. I love asking how Christ has been able to influence them in their lives.... or ask for experiences. Even though we all practice differently, God's love and His Son is all the same. I love it. 

This week, we went on exchanges with the hermanas! I love the chance to serve in Spanish, even though I understand little. There is such a sweet spirit these sweet Hispanic people have in my areas. I LOVE IT. Well, cool experience from that: We had been given a referral to go visit a Spanish family, and I have been trying SO hard to practice my Spanish contacting skills. So on our exchange and taught a man named Angel. He is AMAZING. He loved everything that was being said. And he said that he would be going to church this next week and wanted to invite all of his friends to listen to the hermanas... MIRACLES! Even when you are not in your area, you can still have miracles and help the missionaries out in their areas. :) 

But another really cool experience... My companion and I had NO plans last Saturday night... They had all fallen through... We said a prayer asking the Lord to direct us to someone who would be interested. My companion had a feeling to go to a certain street. We went, and we started to knock on doors. We then saw these two men and a woman talking in their garage. I always get a bit nervous when we approach someone for the first time, but I thought of my favorite scripture in 2 Timothy 1:7, and I got the courage to talk to them. They looked to us, and looking confused as we started to talk to them. But we started to have a conversation with them anyway. We asked them if we could share more, and they were very interested and said yes! We had a great discussion with them, and we were able to share about the Restoration. There was this one man, Isaac, and he was so into it. We started to ask about what if there could be one church for everyone. He got ALL excited, saying that he has had that question so much! So we shared about Joseph Smith, and his eyes were suck on us. My companion was very cute, she turned to me and asked me to share the first vision. I looked to Isaac, and I started to share the Joseph Smith story right there. I felt the spirit SO strong, I knew that Isaac was feeling the same thing. He started to get emotional. He then after said, "this is true! This has got to be true. I feel it." WE WERE SO EXCITED! Sadly, Isaac is from a city close by, BUT those missionaries who got that referral will be very happy. :) We are teaching the other man who was there as well. The Lord has prepared so many hearts of the people around us. ALL WE NEED TO DO IS OPEN OUR MOUTHS AND PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL! 

I love my mission. I love it so much. I am so grateful for it. I hope you all have a wonderful week :) STAY COOL!

Sister Emily Guilott

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