Monday, September 5, 2016

New Companion, New Investigators and New Miracles

Sister Bell and I emailing today! :)
Hello Beautiful People!

How are you all doing?  I hope you are doing okay!  This week has been a WEEK OF MIRACLES! The first day Sister Bell and I were together was truly a miracle.  We were biking and had so many opportunities to talk to people.  Instead of having only two conversations, we literally were able to talk to everyone we saw that day.  We were biking our first hour being together and a man called from his car, "Hey, are you guys Mormon?"  We biked over, and we have an appointment to teach his family about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  GOD IS SO REAL!  We have had many such tender mercies from the Lord.  YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

Our investigator William went missing . . . again.  They said he went back to jail.  So I don't know where he is.  But we are still praying for him, and I know that God will take care of him.

Our investigator Jannie is slowly getting there.  She wants to be baptized in October.  She is pushing it later, but we are helping her and inviting members to visit her and help her also.  She is so ready. She just needs to take that leap of faith and not worry what other people think.  Sister Bell and I also got a prompting to go see Sherry (she is the one visiting also with the Jehovah Witnesses).  She has been very confused about some of the things she has been learning from them.  We were able to teach her about modern day prophets and the spirit was so strong.  We have a return appointment with her.  I can see that God is preparing people who need the gospel.

This week we also got a referral to see someone so we went to the house, but it was the wrong house.  BUT, the man who answered the door was INCREDIBLE!  He told us about his life and he was depressed about a lot of things.  We were able to give him a Book of Mormon and invited him to pray and read.  He said he would and we are scheduled to visit him next week.  He is a really cool guy whose family is from Armenia.

We have other investigators and here are their stories:

Michael: He is the son of a woman in our ward (he is in his 20's so we might need to send him to the Young Single Adult Ward) but in the meantime he is very interested and wants to be baptized.  We are teaching him hopefully this Thursday.  So that will be great.

Ada: So, we were visiting a less active woman on Saturday and shared the talk that Pres. Uchtdorf gave about carrying his sheep home, and we asked her if there was anyone she knew that needed the gospel or help.  She then got a call from her neighbor, named Ada.  So this cute less active woman went over to her apartment, knocked on the door, and invited her over right then, telling Ada she should take the missionary lessons.  We found out she had been to the 6th Ward before and she said she would love to meet with us along with her darling daughters, Leslie (age 9) and Lela (age 10). We are hopefully teaching them this Friday.

All I can say is that I know God is real and He is mindful of His children.  I know He is!  I think that God made me go through some hard things these past few months so I could become what HE wanted me to be as I serve my mission in Modesto.  I am more aware of the things around me, more confident and I just want everyone to know about the gospel.  God loves us so much.  He seriously is just using me and Sister Bell as tools to help other people.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  I am praying for you all.  God has a plan for each of us.  We just have to endure.

Have a wonderful week!


Sister Guilott

Sister Bell and me - We are called the "baby faces" in the mission!

Before transfers . . . 

After transfers . . . we were just all switched around!  

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