Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!! :D

This is such a wonderful time of year! And I am soooo excited to be spending it here in Modesto!!
This week was a great week!  Attitude makes a HUGE difference :D

This past week, it got down to the low 40's (yes.... I am now acclimated) and I thought it was FREEZING!! Hahaha! I am not a Utah girl anymore! But it was an adventure biking in the cold! 
This past week I have seen so many miracles around me that I would love to share! 

One was we were going to go get a bit to eat, we were deciding whether or not to go. But we decided to go! And then some kind man paid for our food! It made our day! Then we saw some homeless people, they asked if we had left overs... WE DID! And we gave it to them. It's so sad to see people suffer here; that is why I am so grateful for service! 

Another story: We (Sister Bell and and I) were biking in the rain and some kind man rolled down his window and gave us a topical guide of scriptures from the internet! We were so grateful... Until we read it..... IT WAS ANTI-MORMON LITERATURE. Me and Sister Bell were shocked! I was just shocked how people would do that... But it made me think. The man was probably thinking we were so confused and wanted to try to help us! Well, I guess that is sweet of him... BUT!! I KNOW THAT THIS GOSPEL IS TRUE :) And that we are not confused!! :D And that was just really scary but funny at the same time someone would do that! 

Another story from this week was that we (after an appointment fell through at 7pm) started knocking on doors. We then were walking on the sidewalk when we heard someone singing. It turned out to be some of our AWESOME members in our ward! We waved to them and they told us to come with them and sing! SO WE DID!! It was so fun and that just made me so happy. These members were just doing it to random houses too, giving away yummy treats they had made. Yep. That was super awesome. 

But. This is the time in the season to be doing this: to serve. But, it makes me realize how we can be doing this ALL YEAR LONG!!! :D And I just want to be a missionary for the rest of my life. I seriously LOVE IT. I know I say this a lot, it is hard. BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT. 

I love  you all so much!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season! Remember, this time is to remember our Savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for His birth, and for Him to be able to deliver us. God loves you all so much!


Sister Guilott 
Roasting marshmallows!

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