Thursday, December 29, 2016

Merry Christmas from Modesto


Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! What a great week here in Modesto. First off, I would love to say how amazing it was to be here on my mission to celebrate Christmas. I am just so overwhelmed at the love I have for Jesus Christ. I was opening presents with my companion, and we were so happy to see all the wonderful things we had received. But I had a thought, and I know that the greatest gift we have is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I just felt the spirit so much and I know that he lived and died for all of us here. I know that he lived a perfect life, and we can all strive to live one. We are not perfect, but we can sure try!! Christmas Day was really special: After a beautiful Church Service, we were able to talk to our families for 45 minutes and that was so wonderful to see them and feel of their love and support.  I am so thankful for my family and all their support.  We also went to two different hospitals (one was a medical center, the other was a nursing facility).  We visited a cute elderly couple that had no where to go for Christmas and we got to see our less active members. They were all so happy and during all of the visits we all got teary eyed from reading about the Savior's birth in the book of Luke. I will never forget that day. I felt the spirit so strong just testify to me of my Savior. And how much our Heavenly Father loves each of us, that H
e sent His son.(John 3:16-17) I hope you all have a wonderful week! Don't forget that we can have the spirit of Christmas with us ALWAYS!
Sister Guilott 
We went to the McHenry Mansion last week!  It was beautiful and reminded me of Dowton Abby! 
Fun Crazy lights in our neighborhood!

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