Monday, August 22, 2016

Back to School

Hello wonderful world out there! It is me, SISTER G!!! ;) I am just thinking.... IS SCHOOL STARTING ALREADY!?!?! Crazy!! I hope all of you starting school (goes for students AND teachers) all have a fun time AND SURVIVE!! 

This week has been a great week! We started off going to Big Trees National Park! Hope you enjoy the pictures! I just loved being there and thinking how God created ever single tree. How He created this beautiful earth for us, for us to grow and to have joy! I am just so grateful for God and how He created all things: whether little to huge on earth for us! 

To be honest, the work is kind of hard right now. Not many people want to hear the message of the gospel at the moment ... And that doesn't get us down though!! We are still searching because we KNOW that there is someone out here in Modesto that needs to hear this message and we will keep searching!! 

Oh cool story! Our past potential investigator, Sister Harris, she came to church and loved it! Praying for her to come to accept the truth. Also, many MANY MAAAANY less active people came to church yesterday!! It was because we told them we were singing at church... And they all came!! That was a miracle itself!  Sister Rugg and I sang "Ye Elders of Israel" and we added harmonies.(Thank you PGHS choir!!) And people got a kick out of that. They all came up to us and just praised us. Then we just told them it was God's gift he gave to us! But church was just great, and it was the highlight of the week.

So this week I have realized something: Agency. We have been giving the biggest gift of God, the freedom to choose. I have realized that we can choose so many things in our lives. But we can't choose a lot of things: others, government, weather, agency of other, consequences... I can go on. But the things we CAN choose are the things we say, think, and do. Yes, my companion and I don't have a huge investigator group at this moment. But I can choose to be happy or sad about that. I choose to be happy and believe God has a plan for us and our growth. I would invite you all to go read the May 2016 ensign and go read President Monson's talk: Choices. He is a prophet of God and has given us the revelation that we need to help us improve. We can choose to be happy and choose the Gospel before anything else! What do you choose? 

I love you all so much! Thank you all for the wonderful letters these past weeks, they have truly been such a huge blessing and brought me great comfort! I pray for you all ALWAYS and hope you all keep finding faith in Christ EVERYDAY of your lives.  I know that this gospel is true. I know that The Book of Mormon is true. And I know that Christ lives.

Hugging a soft big tree
 At Big Trees
 Allison who took us there is the BEST!  I love her!
 In a huge tree

And our neighborhood friend, FAT CAT.  He loves us.

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