Wednesday, October 5, 2016

General Conference in Modesto

We bought matching $4 sunglasses!  California Missionaries!

GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!! AHHHH! It was incredible! Holy Cow. I loved it. If any of you were not able to watch it or don't know what it is... YOU NEED TO WATCH IT. I felt the spirit SO STRONG and it made me realize how much God loves us. While watching, I felt the Spirit be able to testify to me that we do have a prophet on the earth today. His name is Thomas S. Monson, I sustain him and love him so much. And apostles are here today as well as prophets, seers, and
revelators. It's so true! I can feel it, and I have been able to pray about it. And I know that it is true. 
This week was an eventful week. I will do bullet points because there is so much (and I don't have a lot of time for computer time):

  • We met a man named Josiah who was so kind to us. We were able to ask him about God and he said he would love to grow more to get closer to God. Then we met with him two days later, he was able to feel the Spirit so strong. We are meeting with him this next week, me and Sister Bell are very excited to see him again! It is said that people you meet are "prepared by the Lord" and HE DEFINITELY IS. 
We made muffins and didn't know how to get them to church since we had no bags or paper plates.  So we improvised!
  • We were talking to one of our neighbors and they told us their neighbors downstairs would be interested in hearing our message. We went down, and a WONDERFUL woman named Irene opened the door and hugged us saying COME IN! She was raised Catholic, but has been taught before from missionaries. We were able to talk about God and His love for us. And she told us to come back next week! We then got a text from the member a couple hours later, saying how she talked to Irene and Irene wants a Book of Mormon and was so happy! THE GOSPEL BRINGS JOY! I know that is true. And I am SO GRATEFUL for our member for being so missionary minded. I invite all of you out there who are members, INVITE INVITE INVITE!!! Help us missionaries out here! :) We know that you have such a power, and we need that!
  • We met with one of investigators... And after seriously 6 months of meeting with her and having two baptism dates, she told us she wasn't interested anymore. Instead of wanting to be angry, mad, or so disappointed... I felt really at peace. I knew that God has a plan for her and that this wasn't the time she is suppose to accept. I love this investigator so much and know that God loves her so much. But I am grateful for the opportunity to have been able to be apart of her life and been able to see the gospel bless her in ways she would not have been able to see. 
  • We found our old investigator William! He hasn't been home for a while, but we found him! He told us he wanted to change and be righteous! We were really excited for him, and we are hoping he still has this desire in a couple of days. He has had a tough life, but has always been able to find God in his life. And I just love applying that to my life, of trying to see God's hand in mine. 
  • Me and Sister Bell have just had a blast this week. We have grown so much. And we just hope we get to spend one more transfer together. :)
    We made a gross smoothie!
I love you all so much! I love my mission with all my heart and never want to leave. 
I love this gospel and know that God is real. I can truly feel the Savior's love for his
GOd's children and can feel it in my own life. I hope you all can feel that as well. 

Have a wonderful week! Know that I am praying for all of you! 

Love, Sister Guilott :)

Our muffins and original way to get them to church!

Trying to be safe from the crazy in our neighborhood . . . BARRICADE!

It rained today!  First time since APRIL!  We got to wear our rain jackets our mom's got for us. . . Thank you MOM :) 

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  1. Love you Emily and I love reading your blog every week be safe enjoy your week you are really doing a great work with all these people I know they feel your love like I do. Love you Aunt Scot