Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Fall Break

I am just in awe and "I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me..." For this past week, it truly has been a week of miracles. This week, I did have a bad cold but patience is a virtue and when you are being obedient and have a positive attitude, the world just seems like a better place!! The first day, Monday, we had two member present lessons and that just started off our week fantastically. The week just went beautifully after that... There are no words really that can describe the amazing things that have happened this week. I know they are from God, and patience does pay off!! Here is some information about some of our investigators right now:
  • Keith: We were not able to meet with him this week, but we are trying and being persistent!
  • Robert: He had to reschedule our lesson with him, but he is super interested to learn more! We are on Gospel of Jesus Christ and we are praying that he will be able to commit to a baptism date. He is super understanding and humble while giving these lessons.
  • Kathleen, Jackie, Sarah: No contact this week; they had busy schedules :( But we will keep trying!! 
  • Irene: OH MY GOODNESS!! She is doing fantastically!! She is reading the Book of Mormon and is coming to know more and is growing and has so much faith! We brought our member (who was a convert of five years) to the lesson, and that helped bring the spirit so much!! The member was able to describe his conversion story and bore testimony of how the Book of Mormon is true and Irene loved it. AHHHH!!! It was so cool!
  • Sister Jannie Harris: Okay... we let her simmer in the "pot" for a while. We recently went back, and the spirit prompted us to teach her about tithing (with a return missionary as a member present came!) and then she told us she wanted to come to church 2 TIMES IN A ROW. THAT IS HUGE. Because she would always go one week to our church, then the next week to her church. On Friday, our ward mission leader came over to share a lesson about the restoration. Sister Harris felt the spirit so strong and our leader was SO INSPIRED. MEMBERS ARE THE SECRET TOOL TO MISSIONARY WORK!!! Then!! She went to church on Sunday and felt the spirit so strong. She called us twice yesterday to say that she can't stop thinking about church and has been "thinking." "Thinking"= wanting to join. She said it will take her a month. AHHHHHHH! PRAYING SO HARD FOR HER!!! She is getting there!!
  • Rita: SHE IS A MIRACLE!! We had received a referral telling us to go to her house and give her a Book of Mormon. She let us in with such love and joy! She then told us how she had her cable guy fix her tv,  and while he was there, she asked what religion he was from.... This cable man (who ever he is) is my hero. He told her all about The Book of Mormon, Nephi, Plan of Salvation, Eternal families, and etc. She was so excited to be able to receive the Book of Mormon. She was really neat, she would pause some moments, then would say: "Sorry, I was asking God if this is right, and I am waiting for an answer" AND GOD IS SO REAL. He was able to tell her to continue to meet with us. We asked her if she wanted to come to church, she said she was busy. Then on Sunday.... We got a call at 8:10 a.m, and she said God told her to come to church! We quickly found her a ride! The sacrament meeting was fantastic, with our ward mission leader speaking and a missionary leaving speaking as well.  She loved it and wants to come back next week. She is golden. She is so in tune and we feel really good about her!
  • Doug and Maggie: He is a really neat guy! We found him fixing a wrecked car and asked him where he got that car.  He said that he survived from crashing in that car. AND BOY, from seeing that car, it was a miracle he survived. Well, we were inspired to ask him about God and he seemed really interested. He has a daughter Maggie who is a bright 6 year old, and we got to teach them. He felt the spirit and he would get emotional at some points of the lesson. We asked him what would it mean to him if he knew this was all true. He said, if I knew it was true, I would be the first person to come to church every Sunday! He is awesome!! He wasn't able to come to church due to other commitments, but we are praying for him to know it is true. But we are meeting with him again and invited him to our ward activity "trunk or treat" and Maggie seemed really excited. He has great potential!!
This just has been a week of miracles and I am so grateful to see the Lord at work! I hope you all have a fantastic week!! 


Sister Guilott

This is what happens when there is a HUGE spider on the ceiling, your companion has a nerf gun, and you have do not have a dinner for that night... You practice "targeting and shooting down the adversary" ;)

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