Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall in Modesto

Hello World!! 

Wow. What a crazy week!! Being here for so long, it is really fun to see change all around me. Especially in the weather and the nature. Trees are finally changing, people are still planting flowers here and there is NO SNOW. haha. I love it. This week we had some pretty awesome times.  Me and Sister Bell and I were able to teach Robert about the Plan of Salvation  We were lucky to have a wonderful woman from the ward come and teach with us and it was great! He understood everything and kept saying: "it makes sense!" and we were just thrilled. And having a wonderful member with us WAS INCREDIBLE. Members really make a HUGE difference when you are teaching. Honestly, I feel like members are better teachers than us missionaries. TO have that second witness is SOOO NEEDED. So anyone out there who is reading this... I am giving you an invitation to.... GO HELP THE MISSIONARIES!! Find them people to teach!! YOU ARE THE 2ND BEST TOOL IN MISSIONARY WORK!! The first one is the Spirit. 

This week we also FOUND OUR INVESTIGATOR FINALLY!! we have been looking for him. His name is Lawrence and we were SUPER excited to finally meet him. He is awesome and he is so ready to learn more! Now all we need to do is to teach him and help him more come unto Christ, and the Spirit will do the rest! 

I love you all so much!! I hope you have a wonderful day!! 
-Sister Guilott 

No one wanted to get the scary bug...So I did!  I am my father's daughter!

At a thrift store helping out.  Halloween costumes? 
A drawing someone did of us!

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