Monday, November 28, 2016

"Light the World"

Hello World!!

Another transfer is here and it's Christmas time!! I am so happy to be here in "my new home" for the holidays! There is a new spirit here now that the holidays have arrived and everyone is very cheerful! I have a picture with Sister Bell and I with our new companion from this transfer, Sister Gibbons!! She is from Colorado and is the perfect addition to our companionship! We are lucky to all be together in this wonderful ward during this holiday season!
Sister Bell, Sister Gibbons and Me :) 

Before transfers ... last time together!  Our "serious" sides
This week, we have been getting the "Light the World" initiative out!! 
EVERYONE!! GET ON TO RIGHT NOW!! There is a wonderful video you can watch.
It shares two scriptures which I love, John 8:12 and Matthew 5:14. They both talk about Christ being a light, and also how we can be a light. The website also includes an advent calendar, which is awesome! You should check it out! 

We need to remember the real reason behind the season.  This season is the time for us to be like Christ, and remember all He did on the this earth as He taught and served. I am just so grateful for this time we can have an "attitude of gratitude" and we can do "service for a purpose" this holiday. 

I love you all! Please go on to the the website and look up the "Light the World," and I know that it will really help you this season.
Have a wonderful week!  Sorry this is short, but know I love you all and am thankful to be a missionary in Modesto at thsi time!

Love, Sister Guilott

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