Monday, January 16, 2017

Driving, Exchanges and Miracles

Our car.: we strap our bikes on the back to go to the different places we need to work.  I am learning to drive
California freeways. . . .Miracles happen on missions!!!

Oh boy, how grateful I am for all of you that are still reading this blog! Just know I specifically say while praying: "bless all of those wonderful people reading my blog... Because I don't know how they still keep reading it. But thank you!" So thank you all, I love you.

Okay... I am almost at my 1/2 mark AND I AM FREAKING OUT!! I LOVE IT HERE! I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME! THIS IS MY HOME!! So... I will not think about it. I am just going to "forget myself and go to work" :)

This week I was able to go on my first exchange! I got to go to Modesto again! (I miss it!) and serve with Sisters that were in my last zone! I got to be with the wonderful Sister B (changed the name for confidentiality) ! BOY SHE IS A POWERHOUSE!! 

I love the sisters I get to work with!

We got to find so many people, and had sooooo many miracles happen! We got to teach one of their investigators for the first time (she got interested by watching "Meet the Mormons" OH YEAHHHH!!). The investigator had many questions, but the Spirit was there and she was able to commit to baptism!! HOORAY!! Sister B was amazing at discerning her needs and was on a roll. Then the next day we were biking, trying to contact as many people as we could and this woman came up to us saying: "Hey! I have been to your church a couple of times and I want to be baptized! Can you help me?" .... MIRACLES PEOPLE, MIRACLES!! God is GOOD. So that was the best. I am so grateful for wonderful missionaries like Sister B, they make the work get going! This upcoming week, I will be doing two exchanges. So I will let you know how those go. 
Sister Webb and I: She is AMAZING!
Back in my own area, Sister Webb and I had many lessons with our investigator Zach. HE IS SO PREPARED BY THE LORD, IT IS AMAZING. He was learning about the Word of Wisdom and just told us how much he loved it and it made him feel something good inside.... SPIRIT! :D Then we invited him to church and because of the WONDERFUL members there... He has been fellowshipped and he wants to come to church every week and wants to go to the temple. OKAY. Yeah. He is planning on being baptized soon. :) But he is still praying about that. But I am just SO grateful to be able to be apart of the conversion process of all these wonderful people. It is really neat.

So. Yes. I hate driving. Yes. California drivers are the worst (please don't be offended, I am being honest). BUT I have been able to drive many highways this past week. And yes. Me and Sister Webb didn't die, or we didn't kill anyone. This is HUGE for me, if you don't know me... I hate driving. So God knows that I need the practice, and I am getting it all right. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day! I love you and pray for you!

Sister Guilott 
Our apartment: seems like a mansion after my last one.  It is so nice!

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