Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January Miracles

Good afternoon everyone whom I love and adore! This is Sister Guilott reporting from California, serving in the wonderful YSA ward.

This week was a crazy week. But it was very rewarding. This week we had many crazy storms here that seemed like we were in a hurricane! But those don't happen here. But many floods and hydroplaning on a bike it fun... dangerous... but fun! I thought that when I got called here to Modesto California that there would be a lot of sun... NOPE. Just a lot of crazy weather. What else happened this week was I was able to go on two exchanges! I stayed in one with Sister M, and I went to someone's area with Sister A. Both areas were GOLDEN and these sisters are fantastic. I feel like I am the one learning and I am experiencing SO MANY MIRACLES. I am grateful to have the opportunity to see these things happen.
The Group: Me, Ripon sisters, Sister WEBB.  Don't we look super cool. We drive the ONLY white car in the mission. Besides president and his wife. YUP.
One fun experience was we went to someone's house and no joke the whole house was Star Wars themed. Like black walls, rounded door ways to make you feel like you are in a space ship... MANY FIGURINES. The husband even came in in his jedi costume... He knows George Lucas and knows all the things that are going on with him. It was very exciting and we got a gospel lesson out of Star Wars. 

Another neat experience happened when a Sister came to my area: we saw this cute girl who had not gone to church for months. And because this sister got a long with her so well, SHE CAME TO CHURCH and made many friends. YES. That is the magic from going on exchanges. It can be overwhelming, but it gives me an excuse to keep my apartment extra clean and gives me the practice driving on the highways. I am so grateful. 

Our investigator is super excited to get baptized. He wants to go to the temple already and is planning all these things. HE IS ON A SPIRITUAL HIGH, and I LOVE IT. I honestly am jealous of converts, since they had the opportunity to learn from the missionaries and grow a strong testimony. I have to admit that I have lived a very long time on my parents testimony. So being out here, my testimony has grown very strong. I am just so grateful. I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember that God loves you and gives you trials because He knows you and wants you to grow. 

Sister Guilott
I got a super cute necklace.. trying to model with it. FAILED. :D Thanks Nicole!
My stomach wasn't afterwards... I only ate like 1/3rd of it too. Silly stomach. 


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