Sunday, February 5, 2017

Changes in Missionary Schedule Announced

After the broadcast! It was my 9 month mark, my companions year mark, and a day of CHANGE :)

HELLO WORLD! HAPPY HUMP DAY TO ME!!! And we celebrated it the best way possible! On January 25th, on a Wednesday. We had a Worldwide Broadcast from the Brethren in the church. They talked to us missionaries about missionary work and how to better improve the work so we can help more people learn about the truth on earth today and bless their lives. And the craziest thing happened: we got a new schedule change! So I can now say that for 1/2 of my mission I lived one schedule and now will I live another. Here are the two schedules:

This is the first one, the one we use to live by:

 Now! Here is the new one! IT IS A BIG CHANGE!!(well... that is what I think)

But I know that God has a huge trust in missionaries now. The schedule is more relaxed (my opinion) and it reminds me of when I was at college. It gives us the opportunity to really choose for ourselves when to do things. AND we get extra sleep if it is needed. AND IT IS NEEDED. :) But a lot of missionaries either love or hate this new adjustment. I think of this adjustment as keeping the commandments. We have commandments that we may not like, but we have to trust the prophets that got revelation that these things are here to help us to learn and to grow. And to be able to show to God that we can be obedient. SO I SUPPORT THIS CHANGE, even though is it tough. I know that it is for our benefit as missionaries. 

Well, that was the biggest news we had this week. There was a lot of sunshine this past week here, which is a good thing and a bad thing. I love the sun, so it was good to finally see that. But a bad thing because California is in a HUGE drought, so we need the rain to come back! I am praying for rain. :) Even though it is a pain to bike in, we need to help this beautiful area. 

Honestly, it has been a tough week. But I am trying as hard as I can to find and help people. It is great! And with the truth that we have, everyone needs to hear it! I was actually in church yesterday and they shared this video, I invite all of you to watch it! It is really neat and it puts in perspective of what happens when we align our will to God's, even when we are in the hard times in our lives. 
Here is the link: 

Watch it, it could help you like it helped me. 
I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Guilott

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