Monday, February 20, 2017

Sunshine on Rainy Days

Good Morning! I just think of the song:"There is Sunshine in my Soul Today" because I AM SO HAPPY! I am now serving now in Turlock and I LOVE IT HERE!
Sister Anderson
In our car being silly

The first thing I noticed about the area was the people. Everyone is SO NICE! It reminds me of the "Happy Valley Utah" feel. Also, Turlock is COUNTRY LAND... I have never been in the country. I LOVE IT. Definitely has a small town feel. It also has many farms and orchards. It is beautiful. But the problem is bees and allergies. haha. But I love Turlock. We cover 5 towns. One town, Stevinson, has like one member active down there. You can seriously bike around the whole town in 5 minutes. haha! SUPER SMALL TOWN!  And I have seriously the CUTEST COMPANION! Her name is Sister Anderson, she is from Florida. I seriously love her so much. We hit it off right at the start and it is so much fun serving right beside her! It is her first time being a Sister Training Leader, so we are both beginners. :)

So here is a fun experience that we had this week! We were going around, knocking on doors. And everyone is so nice, and they would kindly reject us. (Which was better than getting doors slammed like I have experienced.) :D But anyway, there was a huge man with tattoos that opened the door with a huge pit bull beside him. He glared at us, and gruffly asked what we were doing. Sister Anderson and I were like deer in headlights. He was a scary looking man. So we spoke out: "we're missionaries..." and he promptly said loudly:"NOT INTERESTED." But the spirit seriously told me to tell him about family history. I was shocked.So when he was about to close the door, I got out "Would you be interested in finding your family?" He stopped. Looked at us and said:"I actually have been wondering how I could do that..." We then had a great discussion with him at his doorstep. We now have a return appointment with him and his daughter to meet with him and share our unique message about God's love for us and families. YES. THAT WAS SERIOUSLY SUPER COOL! :D

I am just so grateful to be here. I hope you all have a great day! Know that I pray for you always. 
Love, Sister Guilott

More beautiful orchards beginning to bloom
Our study area

The kitchen

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