Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Spring has Sprung in Turlock!

AFTER LInda K. Burton :)


SO MUCH HAPPENED... SO I will be doing Bullet Points.
  • Went on our first exchanges for this transfer.. AND IT WAS GREAT! We now have the sisters come to our area, and it felt like a party. Then they helped us in our area and SO MANY MIRACLES HAPPENED! It was great and Sister Anderson did great! 
  • We got to go to an Almond Orchard... IN BLOOM!! It was a dream come true. The trees were gorgeous. We took many pictures, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I am just so in awe that God created this all FOR US. For us to have beauty all around, to help us find and have JOY. 
The orchards! My allergies afterward... haha I died. SO WORTH IT.

Just like the picture I chose for the backdrop of my blog


Cute Sister Hill I went on exchanges with! I LOVE HER.

  • We were at dinner one night and the family said that their bunny had bunnies... They brought out 5 little bunnies and WE DIED! We were in bunny heaven!! I wanted to take the little gray one home.... But no pets allowed. Dang it. 
BUNNIES!!! :D I wanted the gray one.... I named it "fluffy" ;)

  • OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO BIG NEWS! Sister Linda K. Burton came and spoke to woman in the area, about 1000 sisters came and Sister Anderson and I had the privilege to be ushers. It was amazing to see all these faithful sisters come to be inspired by one of God's chosen servant. All I can say is that I knew when she came in... I didn't have to see her. I felt the Spirit SO STRONG, that I knew she had come in. That was a HUGE testimony to be that she has been called by God. She spoke to us on how to find and have joy. She gave us the acronym of J (remembering Jesus Christ and applying the Atonement DAILY), O (Obedience, Ordinances, and Overcome trial), and Y (yielding our hearts and Will to GOd's). IT WAS INCREDIBLE. She then was leaving and LEFT THROUGH OUR DOOR, and she grabbed mine and Sister Anderson's hand... I felt like I had touched a Celebrity... It was just as amazing (even more amazing) as meeting Chris Evans... haha ;) BUT I JUST AM HONORED. God is SO GOOD. 
Well, I love you all so much! I hope you have a great week! 

Sister Guilott

more cute sisters!

haha we were "tagging" elders. 

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