Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26th

A picture of sweaty/hot and loving life missionaries :)
There is something when a new missionary comes into the area, and you are a trainer... Miracles occur... I CAN BEAR MY TESTIMONY THAT IS TRUE. I want to share with you the most amazing week. And there are so many things, I will be doing the "bullet points" to keep things organized and to make sure I don't miss anything!

* I have my new companion! Her name is Sister Alderson, She is darling and she is already such an awesome missionary. I feel like it isn't training at all, just immersing her to the work. She is amazing.
*Too many miracles to share... But our first day IT WAS HOT. My companion had the thought:"it would be nice to have some water..." THEN,  all of the sudden, a car turns around, stops, and asks us if we needed water. We said yes! We followed this good Samaritan to her house, she gave us 2 cold water bottles and a Popsicle. She also told us we can come back again and share our message... HOLY COW. Miracles.

*Then we had met with a Perspective Elder, and he lives at a trailer park. He said he doesn't have good water, and he was in poor health. So we told him we had an extra case of water bottles and we biked back to get them. As we were walking back to his home, I was carrying the 32 pack of water bottles, and my companion was carrying a lot of food. We had said a prayer to help strengthen us. AND SUDDENLY, a cute woman who speaks Spanish drove up. With her little English, she told us to get in and she would take up where we need to go. She had met missionaries before, and as she saw us she felt that "God tell her to pick us up." HOLY COW. We got to our members house, said gracias to our sweet lady. Our member then was able to get a priesthood blessing... it was amazing.

*After a member had cancelled on us and we were wondering what to do, Sister Alderson said there must be someone in that area who needs us. We biked and saw a cute girl outside. We tried talking to her but got the same old thing of "Sorry, I don't believe in that..." but then looked at us and asked "Do you need water??" We said YES. She went inside, she came back out and they usually give us water bottles. She came out with cups. AH HA! We could still talk to her!!! We talked to her about her family, then brought up religion. She was saying the things that we believed, she believed also!! At the end of the conversation, we had given her a Book of Mormon and we had a return appointment with her. IT WAS THE COOLEST STREET CONTACT OF MY LIFE.

*Another awesome moment is we were biking and we saw a woman who was watering her garden. She was not interested at first. But as we were about to bike away, my sweet companion stayed a moment longer. The woman started to cry, so my sweet companion got off her bike and gave her a hug. We then started to talk to her more. We have a return appointment with her. I learned a HUGE lesson from my companion, I need to listen with not only my ears. But my heart.

*THEN we had our return appointment with the girl who we street contacted, the one who gave us the water... THAT LESSON... was the best lesson ever. The spirit seriously taught the whole lesson and that we were able to discuss all the things that our sweet new investigator had questioned in life. She said that these things make her "feel whole" and she wanted this in her life. We were all crying and we are so happy to say that she wants to be baptized!! IT WAS A HUGE MIRACLE. 

* At church, our investigator was there; A less active girl and her non-member mom was there who we had befriended and that was a surprise. We had the Perspective Elder come to church for the first time in a couple of years.... BEST SUNDAY EVER.

I love this work. This is the Lord's work. And I love it. I am so grateful to have been able to see these faith building miracles. I love the Lord with all my heart; this gospel is true!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Guilott

Saying good bye to my sweet past companion, she is now home on her little island :)


  1. Love these precious experiences from your mission! Lance & Laurel Lopez

  2. What a wonderful week of miracles!!!❤ your experiences certainly strengthened me!
    Love you aunt Scot