Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June 5th

HELLO WORLD!! HOLY COW!! What a fun week!! 

Here are bullet points, because there is just too much!! 
  • We had two exchanges this week, one of the photos you will see was with one of the cute sisters I was with, WE WORE THE SAME DRESS!! AHAHA! People all day thought we were twins. :)
  • We went out to the "country area" of our ward and it was so much fun! We have so many fun members up there. We got to see our members horses, THEY WERE HUGE! They kind of scared me, but they are the sweetest animals you will ever meet. 
  • We had a really cool experience this past week! SO Sister Beteiti and I had ALL of our appointments fall through... it was 8 pm.... We honestly didn't want to go back out, but we prayed and decided to try to walk around and talk to people. GOD IS SO GOOD. He put so many people in our path. There was this one young family walking around. We started a conversation, and the grandma was a sweet Hispanic woman. I used my Spanish skills that I have, and SHE LOVED IT. The family had been trying to find a church to go to and they loved the sound of our church. At the end of the conversation, the dad said: "I feel like we were all meant to meet today for a reason." AND I KNEW GOD HAD ANSWERED OUR PRAYERS. I know now that when you try your best and be diligent, the Lord will help you. I am so grateful for that day; it truly did strengthen my testimony. 
  • I got to hold our sweet investigator's SNAKE. It was the first time Sister Beteiti held a snake! SHE WAS SO BRAVE. I am so proud of her ;) haha! 

  • There is this creepy purple house in our area I finally took a picture of it, and it is seriously the "Alice in Wonderland" house. NICOLE YOU WOULD LOVE IT! It even had a little tea party set up. It was funny trying to explain the story to my companion... she was creeped out. ;) haha! 

I love you all and hope you have a great day! 

Sister Guilott

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