Monday, May 23, 2016

Blueberries, Miracles and Missionary Life

Pumpkin Carriage Play Ground: WE ARE PRINCESSES!! DAUGHTERS OF A KING!!  

Wow!  In two days, I will have been here in Modesto FOR A WHOLE MONTH!!  1 down, 17 to go! I was looking up at the sky the other day and my companion saw an airplane and she asked, "Sister Guilott, do you know how far away that plan is?  I said I didn't know and asked how far.  She answered, "17 months AWAY!"  HA. HA.  Good one, Sister Rugg. ;) She is awesome! I just have to say HOW MUCH I LOVE MY COMPANION.  She is truly amazing and she has gone through so many experiences that help me so much.  I hope we get to stay with each other this next transfer as well, because I wouldn't want anyone else to train me.  She is a great friend!

This week as been full of Up's and Down's.  To be honest, it is sometimes hard to be a missionary.  We get up early every day, try to talk to people who don't want to talk ot you, and things can be tough as you try to share the message of the gospel with people you know would benefit so much from it but they turn you down.  BUT....I am so grateful for ward members.  They seriously brighten your day.  For example, we have a couple of people in our apartment complex that are in our ward.  And at the end of the day, we go visit them for 10 minutes and that is all you need.  They are a ray of sunshine after a long hard day.

This week we have been planning a Bridal Shower for our investigator.  She is such an amazing person! Kourtney is the best.  She is getting married so she can be baptized.  WHAT FAITH!!  She has been investigating the church for a long time, and has finally wanted to be baptized.  Her fiance was a less active member and is now coming back to church for Kourntey.  And I believe he will be performing the baptism.  That will be such an amazing experience for both of them, and I think it will bond their lives together when they are married.  
We also got to go blueberry picking this week with our Stake President.  President White and his wife, Sister White, are AMAZING!!  They are really into "rescuing the people" in their area.  So they brought along a great non-member family with them! We got to know them that day and we will be meeting with them soon!  The, we will hopefully be able to have them take the lessons.  They are such an incredible family who are ready for the gospel in their lives.

Random street signs everywhere! I love this one! It reminds me of Disney's "Robin Hood" :)

Well, even though everyday life gets crazy, you can just look at the day and see all the miracles around you.  I know that God loves all His children.  I know that He loves you.  I have seen it while I have been here in Modesto.  Seeing all the people who join the church with all their crazy backgrounds and experiences, and you can see how God has helped them be saved.  I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Praying for all of you and LOVE YOU ALL!!! Go out and SERVE!!!


Sister Guilott

We got a package and the cookies melted!  haha!
Reading scriptures with Victoria's cat
Caroline and Nicole!!!  

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